4 8/8/2017

I came here as my 2016 Jeep Renegade takes full oil and it is very expensive to have changed at the dealership. It was my first time at Honest -1. It was a bit chaotic at first since there were several customers that walked in at once and the computer up front crashed (thus the 4 star rating) but overall they were very efficient when taking care of my Jeep. They present you with the facts of any other kind of needs your vehicle may have. That is don't to simply keep you informed. There is no hard up sale pressure whatsoever. I felt I was treated respectfully & with kindness. I also feel I got a much better deal then if I would have gone to the dealership. Fortunately my vehicle had no other signs of needing anything else done. I will go here for my next oil change & then have the tires rotated and the filter changed according to the manufacturers recommendation.

5 8/6/2017

They got the job done and did it well

5 8/6/2017

Great fast work!!!

5 8/5/2017

Well I was little late but they still doing mine car. Oil change.

5 8/3/2017

My husband passed away a year & a half ago. This was my first time in 61 years I ever had to bring car in for oil change. It went very well.

5 7/30/2017

I received the service i was expecting and appreciate the honesty in not trying to sell me an auto service I didn't need.

5 7/2/2017

I am very satisfied with the service at Honest1. When I brought my car in for an oil change, there was an issue with the plug. We had been out of town for the previous oil change, and had it done at a quick oil change place. They tightened the plug too tight and stripped the threads. The people at Honest 1 gave me a quote for a new oil pan, and made it as low as they could. Before they changed it, they tried to get the plug out again. It took two people and they managed to get it out, and rethread it. They didn't have to make the extra effort, but they did. They won't try to sell you something you don't need. I highly recommend these people.

5 6/25/2017

H-1 Honest care ended up being honest from what I can tell. I trusted them for the first time with an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment and a tire patch. Thanks to careless construction workers at my apartment complex, I paid to have a hole patched from a nail. Car seems to drive bqlqnced after the wheel alignment. What concerned me was a lady who had gotten a second opinion on repairs allegedly done on her car came in white I was waiting to hold them accountable for work not done. H-1 admitted $900 was a bit excessive and once the boss was back in they could handle it t that time. Otherwise, I am happy with my experience, felt that Charlie took the time to explain things and would consider going back in the future. Great customer service is hard to find these days and I appreciate H-1 Honest Care. Thanks H-1!

5 6/11/2017

The services provided to me went above and beyond my expectations very courteous and knowledgeable. The receptionist was very nice and helpful, our wait time was less than 30 minutes ,that's amazing.

5 6/8/2017

great service as usual!