5 3/11/2017

We had good experiences with the H-1 in Milwaukie, so after moving to Gresham we felt comfortable coming to the shop here. The staff are friendly, professional and take a real interest in the customer's comfort level with both the work they do and the customer's satisfaction with the whole process. They take the time to explain everything, and they will offer options for each situation - sometimes even ones which don't directly benefit them (because they're much more motivated and concerned for their customer's trust than a fast hustle for a few bucks). These folks are the real deal.

4 3/9/2017

Very friendly on the phone and in person. Took really good care of the car when it needed it. Worked with me for a great price that fit my budget. I will return to them.

0.5 3/7/2017

zero stars

5 3/5/2017

Excellent service, quality work

3.5 3/1/2017

I made a appointment for they fixed my car and I give specific instructions and they did they're own thing whatever they wanted to do.

5 2/23/2017

Gresham location is the only location I like going to. The staff there is terrific.

4 2/20/2017

Got me out close to the quoted time. I also appreciate the honesty. They tell me what needs to be fixed now and what can wait

5 2/9/2017

I had a great experience for my oil change. The store was clean and service was great.

0.5 1/31/2017

This place is extremely expensive. I was originally quoted 850 for lock cylinder, starter, and ignition plus a electric diagnosis. I don't even know why they needed to work on my starter considering that's not why i sent it in in the first place but i needed my vehicle to work. After having it a couple of days they told me that it was going to cost me 1222 not 850 like the original quote and they weren't even finished with my vehicle. They still needed to figure out the original problem that I had. They said they fixed the intake system so i don't know why i'm even getting an email about it now. At the end of it all with their "discounts" i ended up paying 1200 for everything. I will never go here again because of the outrageous price that i had paid. I shopped around afterward and could've had it all done for about 600. So thanks but no thanks!

5 1/28/2017

The staff is always courteous, professional, and helpful!